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The Innovation Agency Exchange provides an online forum for colleagues across the healthcare sector to share innovations and challenges, and collaborate on ideas, projects and products to improve patient care.

Managed by the Innovation Agency, the Academic Health Science Network for the North West Coast, we connect people working in the NHS, health and social care professionals, businesses, organisations and individuals who are looking for improved, effective and more efficient ways of working.


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Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Brainomix e-ASPECTS Stroke Imaging Software

By Brainomix Limited ​BackgroundWorldwide, the often lack of timely, available expertise for brain computed tomography (CT) scan interpretation can delay stroke patients from...
Proven innovation

Pennine Musculoskeletal Shared Decision Making case study

By NHS RightCare This case study provides information in relation to the implementation of Shared Decision Making with Pennine.
Innovation in development

COVID-19 Digital Support Assistant by Hilltop

By Hilltop Ltd The Problem:The Healthy London Partnership has developed a Digital Support Assistant (chat-bot) that allows citizens to access  community based assets...
Proven innovation

East Lancashire CCG STarT Back report

By NHS RightCare This case study provides information on the implementation of the StarT Back risk stratification tool within the East Lancashire CCG.
Under evaluation with potential for adoption


By East Midlands Academic Health Science Network together with East Midlands Clinical Networks This paper provides a briefing on the work undertaken by East Midlands Clinical Network is taking to diagnose atrial fibrillation and prevent atrial...
Proven innovation

Challenges in Oncology MDTMs - NAVIFY Tumor Board

By Roche Diagnostics MDTMs are a central part of the cancer pathway but are becoming increasingly resource-intensive and face many challenges. In your trust these meetings might...
Innovation in development

Nori Health, chatbot coach for IBD/IBS

By Nori Health The majority of IBD/IBS patients need additional support and care between doctor visitsChatbot (computer-driven) coach for IBD (Crohn's, colitis) and IBS...
Proven innovation

Ethicon Plus Antibacterial Sutures: An NHS Innovation Technology Payment (ITP)

By Yorkshire and Humber AHSN Ethicon Plus Antibacterial Sutures are a new type of surgical suture that reduces the rate of Surgical Site Infection (SSI), such as MRSA, through the use...
Proven innovation

Reablement Monitor

By Kemuri The Kemuri unique Reablement Monitor is instantly installed. It's a most efficient way of helping people with mild cognitive impairment to be discharged...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Integrated Patient flow, DToC and Bed Management

By JKM Social Care Solutions I work with Health and Social Care every day. Our software solution offers an Integrated approach to patient flow management and the very best in visibility...

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Transformation of Outpatient Services

By Yorkshire and Humber AHSN The Long Term Plan challenges the system to move from face-to- face outpatient appointments. There are digital opportunities including the redesign of...

Improving outcomes for mothers suffering from postnatal depression

By Innovation Agency The Innovation Agency is looking for solutions to the challenge of monitoring new mothers' wellbeing when they return home after the birth of their child...


By Yorkshire and Humber AHSN Our workforce is a pivotal part of the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP). People are one of the NHS’s greatest strengths and it is essential they get the support they...