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Your Guide

Your Guide to Using the Innovation Agency Exchange

Can anyone register to use the Innovation Agency Exchange?

The Innovation Agency Exchange is a free service for any organisations, companies, NHS members, individuals, or healthcare professionals with an interest in improving healthcare provision and in promoting innovation within the healthcare system.  We may wish to gain feedback and highlight success stories to a wider audience from time to time. This will require you to include consents with the patients/public at the start of your project.

What are the benefits of using the Innovation Agency Exchange?

Registering to use the Innovation Agency Exchange means details of your project will reach a wide audience.  You will be able to view details of projects on which other members are working, and members can view your project information.  It’s an online forum for networking, sharing ideas and accessing resources.

By registering with the Innovation Agency Exchange you can

  • submit your innovative solutions, projects, products and services to the Innovation Approval Panel for assessment. If accepted, your submission will receive a wide range of support

  • share your innovative solutions, products or services with registered members

  • develop relationships with members to share solutions or simply learn from others’ experience

  • learn about innovative services, products and approaches already being supported and adopted by health and social care providers

  • access a wide range of resources and support provided by the Innovation Agency and our extensive regional network

  • describe your innovation as having been showcased  on the Innovation Agency Exchange (provide a link to the Exchange in your information)

What information is needed when adding a project?

  • Project title
  • Images - this engages the viewer, although it's an optional requirement. Images should be hi-res and sized 975px width x 643px height to avoid distortion.
  • Project description - restricted to 200 words. Include a brief clear, project/product description (avoid jargon). Outline project benefits (impact on health/cost/time/efficiency), highlight any pilot scheme outcomes/anticipated outcomes and any awards received (HSJ nominations for example). Include any tangible results to date, where/when/how the project/product is being rolled out (if applicable), and any future plans. The project description should indicate which stage the innovation is at –innovation in development, under evaluation with potential for adoption, proven innovation
  • Media – this enables you to include documents, presentations and videos relevant to your project.
  • Category tags – tags categorise the project to enable a quick search to take place. New categories can be created if existing categories do not apply.
  • Author details - name, organisation, contact details
  • Make project private - for use if intellectual property rights are impacted for the user.
  • Publishing options – this allows the Innovation Agency editorial rights. No innovations will be published without approval (see below). All projects will enter the ‘holding section’ to await approval.

It is the responsibility of the person or organisation submitting the innovation onto the Innovation Agency Exchange to ensure the information and evaluation data submitted is accurate, relevant and up to date.  We will contact you every 6 months for an update on your project. 

What happens when I submit an innovative solution, project, product or service which I think provides an innovative health and social care solution?

Once you have become a member you can submit an application for support. When you make a submission, we will let you know if we require further information. We will contact you when your submission is to go before our Innovation Approval Panel and keep you informed about progress. The following process will be used in assessing new projects:

  • Proven Innovations​

Definition - innovations with evidence of impact against clear outcomes with the ability for adoption across the health ecosystem. Tier 1 innovations will have gone through a formal due diligence process and be a recognised innovation in the field. Examples could include HSJ awards, NICE clinical trials, NHS Innovation Accelerator, University evaluation studies with impact etc.

Innovations of this standard will be authorised for inclusion by the Innovation Agency Approval Panel. This will result in an Innovation Agency approved innovation endorsement.

  • Innovations, products and services under evaluation with potential for adoption

Definition - innovations that have yielded promising results (without formal academic review) and indicate that further trials and spread into our ecosystem would prove beneficial.

Innovations of this standard will be authorised for inclusion by the Innovation Agency Approval Panel. This will result in an Innovation Agency approved innovation endorsement.

  • Innovation in development

Definition:  These are innovations that individuals and organisations wish to share across the eco system but have not yet yielded substantial results.

Innovations of this standard will be authorised for inclusion by the Innovation Agency Approval Panel.

Note: For all projects approved by the Approval Panel, the online forum is a mechanism to share ideas and help the spread of innovation.

  • Innovation Approval Panel

The Innovation Approval Panel meets once a month. The panel includes experts from across our ecosystem with the necessary skill and experience for any particular innovation to be approved. Standing members of the panel will include:

  • Transformation Programme Managers
  • Commercial Director
  • Medical Director
  • Experts will be co-opted as required

The Innovation Approval Panel will continuously review the innovations on the Innovation Agency Exchange in order to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Who can see the project information I enter into the Innovation Agency Exchange?

In order to gain maximum exposure for the products and services that are featured on the Innovation Exchange, people are able to view information without having to register. As such, we recommend that you only share information which you are happy to have in the public domain. Please ensure that you do not share unprotected Intellectual Property (IP). Whilst The Innovation Agency review information prior to it being published on the Innovation Exchange, we are unable to accept responsibility for the sharing of unprotected intellectual property. If you would like your project to remain private so that only you and staff at the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN and The Innovation Agency can see the project details, please use the ‘make private’ button when entering your project information.

Should you have any queries about this, please contact us. 

I have seen a project that I am interested in finding out more about.  How do I contact the project owner?

The Innovation Agency Exchange includes a messaging service so that you are able to send a message to a project owner.  On the right hand margin of a project’s page there are also links to the project owner’s website and Twitter page (if they have chosen to provide them). Project owners should regularly check their message box (accessible via My Account) for any incoming messages.

Can I use your logo on my marketing information about my innovation?

If your innovation has been approved and is published on the Innovation Agency Exchange, you can use the words Showcased on the Innovation Agency Exchange and embed a link to the Innovation Agency Exchange.  Our logo can only be used by our partners in specific circumstances agreed by the Director of Communications and Engagement at the Innovation Agency.

If you have a specific question about your project, please email  with the subject heading ‘Query: Innovation Exchange’