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Compass Point of Care AKI & HAP App

By Claire Bale, C2-Ai Added 2nd Sep, 2020 Updated 10th Feb, 2021

A registered clinical device, the Compass Point of Care AKI & HAP app is a tool providing augmented intelligence in the form of decision support algorithms to support the early intervention and prevention of acute kidney injury (AKI) and hospital-acquired pneumonia. Use of this app is proven by published clinical trials and real-world use within NHS and international healthcare systems to reduce both conditions in hospitals by up to 60%. The app delivers benefits to both COVID and non-COVID patients and is available to download for IOS and Android devices.


Use of the Compass Point of Care AKI & HAP app assists frontline medical staff in developing a personalised care plan at admission for each patient, by risk stratifying the patient's probability of acquiring AKI or HAP.    In clinical trials and real-world application, within the NHS, the use of this app is shown to help reduce the incidences of these; high volume, high harm, high-cost conditions in hospitals by up to 60%.  

This reduction has a significant impact on the freeing-up of ITU and Critical care resources and an in-year return on investment .

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