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Rehab Guru

By Simon Taylor, Rehab Guru Added 29th Apr, 2020 Updated 29th Sep, 2021

An end-to-end patient management software, focussing on 'exercise-as-medicine'.

Rehab Guru is a full-featured patient management system with a library of 5000+ diverse and inclusive exercises, treatment notes, Telehealth, exercise & wearable data-tracking, outcome measures and more.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is one of the many health conditions where the NHS are benefitting from Rehab Guru. Numerous NHS Trusts use our software to perform work aligned with the Long-Term Plan for PR, remodelling services to prevent 500,000+ exacerbations, and 80,000 admissions over the next decade.



Cost-saving to the NHS would be significant: prevention of one outpatient appointment pays for four annual user licences. 

Rehab Guru has been in continuous use by the Ministry of Defence since 2015 and NHS since 2019. Rehab Guru enables the prescription and remote monitoring of exercises to rehabilitate patients. Rehab Guru is rolled out across numerous NHS Trusts and the North West ICS. 

Rehab Guru offers:

  • GPs the confidence to manage minor MSK problems effectively without an onward referral 
  • Physiotherapists fast, effective methods of prescribing exercise programs tailored to the needs of individuals using telehealth consultations. 
  • Remote triage, outcome assessment and data-led clinical decision making tools. 

Patient adherence and outcomes can be viewed and monitored across integrated care teams, improving clinical efficiency and management of patients. Telehealth offers the opportunity to conduct consultations by video, meaning that patients can be assessed and prescribed for without physical contact.

Rehab Guru services both professional medical staff and patients through our Web Application( and two mobile apps (clinicians/patients) available on iOS and Android.

Rehab Guru offers a seamless experience across Web and Mobile devices. There is a vast array of powerful features, including: 

  • 5000+ HD Exercise Videos
  • AI-Powered search functionality
  • 300+ pre-made, evidence-based exercise templates
  • Medical Notes
  • Sendible patient forms (triage, PROM / PREM)
  • Telehealth
  • Outcome measures

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