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Idea Drop: Using staff ideas to drive innovation in healthcare

By Indre Kulakauskaite, Idea Drop Added 11th Nov, 2019 Updated 17th Mar, 2021

Innovation often unfolds via a top-down approach within the NHS, with the most senior colleagues having the ability to share, broadcast and implement their ideas fastest. This can often result in the best ideas from frontline staff being lost.

Idea Drop makes the innovation process open and transparent, enabling all stakeholders across the NHS ecosystem to capture, collaborate and curate ideas via web and mobile. These can be contributed to structured strategic challenges from senior leadership or as stand-alone ideas. 


Idea Drop is a leading idea management platform that enables NHS colleagues to crowdsource, collaborate, evaluate and action the most powerful and impactful ideas from all corners of their trust.

The fast, lightweight and intuitive mobile app and web interface make sharing and collaborating with ideas easier than ever. Idea Drop fuses best-in-class technology with a proven process of hands-on implementation, onboarding and consultancy, to ensure the innovation programme becomes hard-wired into the trust and delviers long-lasting, tangible impact.

These are some of the reasons why Roisin Fallon-Williams, CEO at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (BSMHFT), has chosen Idea Drop as their partner of choice to execute and drive their new innovation programme.

Full details, including interviews with Roisin Fallon-Williams, in this case study:

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