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WoundWorks inSight digital wound assessment, woundcare telehealth and self monitoring

By Lucy Champ, WoundWorks Added 1st Apr, 2020 Updated 4th May, 2020

inSight® combines precise camera technology with AI and Machine Learning to transform a smart device into a digital Wound Management Platform.  Wound assessment data and images are captured and compounded to present a cumulative picture of healing.  Cloud-based storage allows immediate viewing of data on any internet-enabled device, facilitating virtual clinics, self-care, MDT and telehealth.  All data collected is retrievable via a reporting suite including automatically produced charts.


Guest et al (Burden of Wounds: BMJ 2015) estimated 2.2 million patients were treated by the NHS in a year for an acute or chronic wound.  The cost of this was around £4.5–£5.3 billion.  The woundcare burden increases annually.

inSight® is a flexible system, available in: 3D - iPad (Hard & software) ideal for clinic/specialist/specific patient groups: 2D or 3D* – smartphone (Software – organisation uses existing phones) ideal for day-to-day e.g. community nursing: 2D - Patient Self-Monitor (Software – patient’s phone) ideal for low risk patients, dressing their own wounds: controlled by clinician, reviewed remotely, patient escalated/de-escalated as necessary

We all use smartdevices daily.   inSight® is intuitive and simple.  Implementation and ongoing support are offered via various methods e.g. face to face, videos, web-calls etc.

inSight® can;

Improve use of clinical resource: Releasing capacity through self-monitoring, enabling less experienced HCPs to be guided remotely, providing information virtually.  Right resource, right patient, right time

Drive enhanced clinician decision making:  better outcomes; Presenting real time analytics for whole episode of care, Increasing visibility and standardization of assessment, enhancing access to specialist resource

Deliver enhanced patient experience.

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