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Psychological Resilience When Overwhelmed (digital programme)

By Melanie Cox, Thrive in Mind Ltd Added 12th Jan, 2024 Updated 22nd Feb, 2024

Thrive in Mind's programme, 'Psychological Resilience When Overwhelmed,' is a clinically developed 2-hour digital therapeutic training initiative. Rooted in psychological theory and clinical practice, it utilises evidence-based interventions to enhance individuals' coping skills and stress resilience. The programme consists of four sessions, comprising written exercises, videos, animations, and experiential activities to cater to diverse learning styles. Designed for accessibility on various devices, it encourages sustained practice between sessions. This preventative and restorative approach is aimed at equipping individuals with lasting psychological insights and coping mechanisms, contributing to improved mental health and well-being in the workplace.


Thrive in Mind's innovation, 'Psychological Resilience When Overwhelmed,' seeks to address escalating mental health challenges in the workplace. Developed by Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Digital Consultants.  The program is grounded in evidence-based interventions proven effective in numerous Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs). Rooted in clinical practices and psychological theories, its preventive and restorative approach aims to improve mental health, coping and resilience among employees.

The program's clinical effectiveness is derived from its reliance on rigorously tested interventions, demonstrating positive outcomes in RCTs. While potential cost savings to the NHS through reduced absenteeism, presenteeism and quiet quitting are anticipated, further evaluation is required to quantify these benefits accurately.

The likely impact of the program extends to fostering enhanced psychological resilience among employees, aligning with broader goals of reducing mental health burdens on healthcare services. Designed for accessibility, the digital format allows users to engage at their own pace, facilitating ease of implementation.

To support implementation, Thrive in Mind can offer detailed guidelines, training resources, and informational sessions for administrators. Regular check-ins and customisable implementation plans contribute to a seamless integration into staff well-being initiatives.

Thrive in Mind's programme, offers a promising avenue for addressing workplace mental health issues. The emphasis on evidence-based practices, prevention, and ease of implementation positions it as a potential asset in the staff well-being space, warranting further evaluation and consideration.

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