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By Richard Wyatt-Haines, Health and Care Innovations Added 1st Feb, 2023 Updated 6th Feb, 2023

We aim to improve the lives of the millions of people who have multiple conditions, and as a result reduce the demands on health services.

We deliver shorter waiting lists and remote pathways of care by using CONNECTPlus to enable patients to self-manage all their conditions at home.

We have shown in the NHS that CONNECTPlus delivers results.

We succeed because:

  • CONNECTPlus is transferable across an unlimited number of conditions and treatment programmes
  • CONNECTPlus is customisable to meet the needs of your local pathways of care
  • CONNECTPlus provides information AND gathers symptom tracking data


CONNECTPlus empowers patients to self-manage all their conditions and treatments at home in a single platformCONNECTPlus enables healthcare professionals to reduce demand and manage their patients remotely 

What is CONNECTPlus?

  • A Multiple Condition and Pathway Platform - As manyconditions and pathways as you want, all in one place
  • Information for Patients - Guides and pathways to help patients self-manage all their conditions and prepare for treatment
  • Remote Monitoring - Symptom trackers and a linked Clinician Dashboard to enable remote monitoring
  • Localised to your needs - Created to support your own local services and treatment pathways

Where can you use CONNECTPlus?

  • Long term condition management
  • Virtual wards
  • Surgery
  • Procedures
  • PIFU
  • Rehabilitation

What can CONNECTPlus do?

  • Create your own conditions and pathways - Create any condition or pathway you want, from a rare disease to hypertension, from cataract surgery to a colonoscopy
  • Condition specific information - A platform to communicate patient information to provide information on Diagnosis, Disease management, Support services,Testing and monitoring and more 
  • Pathway & Exercise Guides - Prescribe a specific local treatment programme based on a timeline of events for the management of long term conditions, preparation for surgery and and rehabilitating 
  • Symptom Trackers - Create your own PROMS measures and link to vital signs devices to monitor the disease progression in the home. 
  • Clinician Dashboard - Access Symptom Tracking data from patients through the RAG rated dashboard to enable treatment in the community.

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