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Peezy Midstream: reliable urine collection + cost savings

By Giovanna Forte, Forte Medical Added 16th Jan, 2017 Updated 18th Jan, 2019

Peezy Midstream is a novel MedTech Device that delivers right-first-time urine analysis, diagnosis and treatment.


Peezy is proven to reduce urine specimen mixed growth from a national average 18% to just 1.5%. It is on the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue and the Drug Tariff, so can be prescribed for the very young, elderly and antenatal use.

  • Evidence points to tangible benefits arising from more reliable collection:
  • significant improvements in urine analysis accuracy, leading to right-first-time patient care
  • fewer retests leading to financial savings on lab analysis, repeat appointments, staff and resource time
  • reduced retests in the lab freeing up more time for first-time tests
  • Peezy collects midstream urine into the lab-friendly 10ml Primary Tube removing need for decanting by either frontline or laboratory staff
  • improved targeted prescribing over broad spectrum antibiotics, used when results are equivocal

Addtionally, Peezy Midstream removes spills and splashing:

  • improves and assists infection control
  • dry hands for patient are more hygenic and dignified
  • dry bottle relieves frontline staff from handling soiled containers

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