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Dr Foster Transforms: Population Health Analytics and Analysis Managed Service  

By Rebecca Watkins, Dr Foster Added 23rd Mar, 2020 Updated 4th May, 2020

Dr Foster is a leading provider of intelligent analytics within the healthcare sector.  We work with NHS hospitals, CCGs, public health organisations, GP practices, and arm’s-length bodies (including the CQC, NHSE and NHS Improvement), providing healthcare intelligence, risk stratification and population health management analytics. Our analytics team has significant expertise in analysing NHS healthcare data and statistics to identify clinical variation and patient risk. We also have extensive experience of working with primary care data (e.g. EMIS, TPP) and linked primary and secondary care data to, among other things, build risk stratification models and analyse effectiveness of transformation.


Dr Foster’s analytics and tools support transformation to integrated care by:

1.    Providing clinicians with decision support from proven data methodologies to select the most appropriate patients for interventions and help them close gaps in care.2.    Providing healthcare facilities evidence to evaluate the effectiveness of different interventions or transformations.  E.g. This could be pathway redesign or a changed workflow, or a new innovation or trial of remote healthcare e.g. testing to address anticipated improvements in efficiency or quality of care?3.    Providing AHSNs piloting innovative solutions into healthcare the Triple Aim evidence-base in order to help prove effectiveness of interventions and to aid scaling at regional or national level.  

Dr Foster solutions:  Risk Stratification for GP Federations and Primary Care Networks

  • Dr Foster has developed a risk stratification algorithm and tool that allows GPs and other primary care staff to identify high-risk patients who need proactive care
  • Can be provided as a tool or algorithms as a service – customer pushes data to Dr Foster via API and we give back risk scores in real time or algorithm is packaged and run on customer’s data platform

Dr Foster can help evaluate the effectiveness of any intervention as well as ensure a current state benchmark is provided using a combination of national benchmarking and quality data as well as any available local datasets of relevance.

Dr Foster has evaluated the effectiveness of interventions by linking patient-level data to measure changes in activity and costs before and after interventions.

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