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By Phil Schofield, 3rings Added 16th Dec, 2016 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

Imagine a world where just by mum making her morning cup of tea or Dad turning on the TV to watch his favorite show that all the family get a reassuring message that everything is OK or more importantly Alerts if things may not be.


The idea for the 3rings plug is a simple passive monitor that lets the family know (up to 10 people) that Mum/Dad is ok each day just by Mum making a cup of tea or dad turning on the TV. The way it works is that the plug has a mobile device built into it so no Internet is needed and the family create an event(s) eg Mums morning cuppa sometime between 5am and 9am. At 9am, if mum has turned on the kettle at least once, then all invited family will optionally get a peace  of mind message (Mum’s OK)  or they will get an Alert if no activity has been detected during the event time window. These ‘All OK’ notifications can be emails and/or push notifications to apps on smartphone and tablets and Alerts can be emails, Push notifications , Text and/or calls. (Video:

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