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Preventing patient harm using VERSAL slide sheet

A nurse, who works as a moving and handling advisor in our NHS Trust, has innovated a unique slide sheet. Named ‘Versal’, it replaces the need for multiple flat or tubular slide sheets. It is a one sized slide sheet, placed under the patient in the same position for every horizontal transfer, therefore simplifying use, aiding compliance ,improving efficiency, patient safety, dignity and comfort whilst also protecting staff.


The slide sheet has a unique head and feet indicator for positioning of the slide sheet so that staff can’t get it wrong and there are two layers of slide sheets to execute the slide. See Poster below.

A pre-Versal survey showed 78.2% of staff chose erroneous methods. Since the introduction of Versal (February 2016) erroneous use has reduced to 0%.

  • Improving patient dignity, experience and comfort.
  • Protecting patient’s skin integrity, i.e. avoidable harm.

The patent pending innovation is marketed by a UK company and is available on NHS Supply Chain for any organisation / carer to order.

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Video of Slide Sheet use

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