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MyDiagnostick: hand-held ECG



MyDiagnostick is an easy-to-use, stick-shaped, hand-held ECG recorder intended to detect atrial fibrillation (AF). A MDD Class IIa medical device, MyDiagnostick has metallic handles (electrodes) at both ends which are held for one minute as indicators flash at the rhythm of the heartbeat. MyDiagnostick then displays a green indicator meaning no AF was detected, or will turn red, warning the detection of an episode of AF.

The AF detection algorithm is highly sensitive and specific and MyDiagnostick can record and store more than 100 high-quality ECG's. The ECG strips stored in MyDiagnostick can be retrieved through an USB connection by healthcare professionals enabling the clinical confirmation and documentation of AF.

MyDiagnostick can be used by GPs to detect AF, while a patient can also use MyDiagnostick anytime or anywhere due to its simple, discreet design. MyDiagnostick can be used also by cardiologists, neurologists and nurses to diagnose the underlying cause of a stroke.

The Innovation Agency has programmes running in the North West Coast region with East Lancs and Halton CCG evaluating the use of MyDiagnostick in pharmacy, GP practices, care homes and adult social care settings and reporting positive outcomes to date. 

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