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Haemolance and Acti-lance Safety Lancets

By Sally Ann Furness, Prospect Diagnostics Ltd Added 20th Oct, 2016 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

Acti-Lance and Haemolance Safety Lancets

safety & comfort first!

.... perfect for capillary blood sampling


Our lancets are perfect for most of the common tests done with capillary blood including blood glucose, cholesterol, haemoglobin, blood group classification, coagulation tests, virology tests and many others.  We are sole lancet provider to the NHSBT with our Haemolance Normal Safety Lancets, Acti-lance Safety lancets are listed in the NHS Drug Tariff for prescribed items.

•Range of 6 lancet types available to suit all requirements

•Ergonomic shape & grip, ease of orientation

•Safe for both patient & user, fulfilling all safety considerations

•Sterile, single use product, cannot be reloaded or reused

•Efficient, uniform & accurate sample results

•Quick, comfortable puncture due to built in spring action

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