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Infection control

Products or services that support effective infection control and limit the transmission of diseases, whether in healthcare settings or in the community

Innovation in development


By Cognuse Inc. CoNurse addresses the challenge of unwarranted care variation which is arguably the largest preventable cost driver in healtcare. CoNurse is an ... Last updated 3rd June, 2020
Proven innovation


By NeedleSmart Ltd NeedleSmart is market leading, patented needle destruction technology engineered in the UK. ... Last updated 23rd July, 2020
Proven innovation

Remote temperature monitoring with IoT solutions for medicines and vaccines in health clinics, pharmacies and hospitals

By Invisible Systems Ltd Invisible Systems' wireless sensors can help healthcare staff to save clinical time in monitoring fridges, improve patient safety, deliver regulatory... Last updated 26th January, 2022
Innovation in development

InSep - Host Response POC Sepsis Test

By Pro-Lab Diagnostics The InSep test is a rapid (<30 minute), point-of-care test which looks at host-response inflammatory mRNA markers to:Signal the presence of an acute... Last updated 5th July, 2021