Simple Shared Healthcare

Philip O'Connell


Phil is a Chartered Information Technology Professional, a Social Entrepreneur and founding director of the Simple Shared Healthcare Social Enterprise. Phil has held the titles of “The NHS Innovator of the Year” and “NHS Inspirational Leader of the Year” for his work in patient self-care. Aiming to achieve better and faster clinical outcomes, Phil created a safe and highly accessible methodology to effortlessly augment best practice clinical care. Interacting through a persona this helps a patient to improve their motivation, health literacy, confidence and adherence to shared healthcare management plans. Articles about the application of the methodology are published in multiple medical journals and independently endorsed in research studies by The Health Foundation: “The benefits Florence can deliver are wide ranging”; The Kings Fund: “Florence is a low-cost, low-risk innovation with a strong track record” and Nuffield Trust: “Flo has been formally evaluated, with positive results”. Phil works with the NHS across the UK, US Veterans Health Administration and Australia’s PHNs to further develop and spread this deceptively simple methodology.