Matthew Booth


PhysioBuddie is an innovative Physiotherapy platform that provides unrivalled care for its users whilst reducing the demand and strains on NHS departments. PhysioBuddie has been developed by physiotherapists with a passion for helping both their patients and their colleagues. Included within the platform is an automated triage pathway, progressive rehabilitation delivered by several digital mediums and remote monitoring that provides patients and clinicians simple visual representations of PROMs. The web-based app provides its users with step-by-step progressive rehabilitation via video tutorials and informatic slide decs which are accompanied by expert help and dedicated injury/illness information sections. Through direct communication with the trust’s clinical teams, we can ensure the rehabilitation provided is built bespoke to the trust’s current protocols and latest research. The theme of every rehabilitation program is to deliver progressive rehabilitation that gets harder as the user’s tissues heal and their ability increases. The flexibility and functionality offered by the Physiobuddie system empowers all those suffering from a wide range of MSK, neurological and/or cardiopulmonary conditions.