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By Priti Patel, YOURmeds Added 4th Dec, 2020 Updated 15th Mar, 2021

YOURmeds is a smart medication management system that improves outcomes and independence by putting the user back in charge of their medication with the support of their network.  The WHO and NHS estimate that only 50% of all medication is taken as prescribed reducing the efficacy of medication.  YOURmeds improves medication adherence and compliance to over 80%.  The daily task of taking medication is being used as a cognitive check in West Lothian Council enabling them to proactively support people at home.


YOURmeds puts the user back in charge of their medication with the support of their network.  The smart pack records when medication is taken, when it is missed, if it is taken late or too early or if multiple medicines are accessed.  A user can nominate up to 5 people to support them.  10 minutes after the initial alarm goes off, the first supporter is informed via an app that links the supporter to the user.  Every 10 minutes a new supporter is informed for up to an hour.  Supporters can see what medicines were due yesterday, today and tomorrow via the app and make an in app call to encourage the user to take their medicine.

YOURmeds is dispensed by the local pharmacy in full working order into the patients home on a weekly basis, eliminating the risk of carers and family filling pill dispensers and making mistakes.  The pharmacist can remotely adjust timings of medication.

Our real time data can be used as a daily cognitive check on a user, a drop in adherence usually indicates that some additional support is required.  The technology takes away the burden of responsiblity from the carer but enables the carer to support the person effectively, reducing carer fatigue.

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