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WorkPAL - digital performance empowerment tool

By Andy Farquhar, Thirsty Horses Solutions Ltd Added 3rd Dec, 2020 Updated 10th Mar, 2021

WorkPAL is our flagship digital performance empowerment platform. We use cloud technology to provide modern and secure tools for HR and OD professionals, NHS managers and executives to provide real-time data and reporting on workforce performance and productivity. We provide timely, consistent data and a robust audit trail about how staff are working to achieve organisational objectives, and who is working within the leadership narrative of values, behaviours, goals.


WorkPAL provides a digital solution for the NHS to solve issues around workforce and organisational performance. We're leading the shift from paper-based systems to mobile, easy-access technology.

More than just automation of tasks and streamlining of process, we're helping NHS organisations move beyond a focus on compliance to using real-time qualitative data and analytics to inform workforce and investment decisions. 

Our technology was developed and tested in the NHS. As technology partner on a North West NHS pilot in 2014, the suitability of our system was evaluated by Manchester Metropolitan University The principal economic benefit is how we're able to relieve pressure on capital budgets. Subscription-based models like ours, incurring revenue as opposed to capital charges, are recognised as more practical. The impact on patients stems from time efficiencies. e.g. releasing staff from burdensome tasks reduces stress and allows more time for patient care.

When clients adopt our technology, they get a product and a service. Costs include hosting, maintenance, technical support, a detailed implementation plan, training, and a communication plan. Typical roll-out time is several weeks.

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