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Visiba Care

By Tina Marshall, Visiba Care Added 19th Oct, 2020 Updated 10th Dec, 2020

Visiba Care is a digital care solution that enables healthcare providers to transform care through their own branded patient portals. The platform is scalable, with functionalities and workflows that can be added and tailored. Founded in 2014 on the conviction that digitisation is inevitable if healthcare is to offer equal, qualitative and safe services, Visiba is used in many operations, from integrated care to primary and secondary care. 



Digital transformation creates new opportunities but also places new demands on businesses, people, and relations. The introduction of new technology requires courage and a willingness to change. Having a safe and reliable partner by your side can make a huge difference.

Visiba Care is not just a technical solution. We are also a sounding board, supporting you in the work with your virtual clinic, not just leading up to the launch but throughout the journey. Over time, when you have had time to test and evaluate your business, you may want to adjust your digital flows, add functions, or scale up your operations. We are here to support you and give you the best possible chances to succeed.

Visiba Care is a scalable, white-label virtual clinic software that enables healthcare providers to meet patients online through their branded virtual clinic, which may include one or several digital receptions. Healthcare professionals can communicate with patients via asynchronous messaging, video consultations with up to 10 participants, and dynamic forms.

Visiba Care has been trusted by NHSE and was selected as a partner in the rapid response to Covid-19 due to the speed in which we can deliver our solution, and the support we provide to help healthcare providers transform care. 

Visiba Care have been proven to deliver a two per cent DNA rate, 98 per cent patient and HCP satisfaction rates, and of course a 99.94 per cent uptime. 

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