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By Megan Simpson, Tired of Cancer Added 9th Feb, 2021 Updated 12th May, 2021

Untire is an app based programme providing patients with the tools they need to reduce cancer-related fatigue (CRF) and regain their energy.


Untire is a simple, practical and effective self-management tool accessed with a smartphone. It provides a treatment programme for CRF developed by psychologists, researchers and experts alongside cancer patients, which is proven to be effective at reducing fatigue severity. 

Untire is based on a combination of proven psychological methods including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy and Physical and Psychological Rehabilitation. 

The programme consists of ongoing energy measurement combined with education, stress-reducing mindfullness activities and physical exercises with video and audio guides. These components, in combination, help to identify and address the behaviours, thoughts and symptoms that affect energy levels.

With over 30,000 users globally, an ORCHA approval rating of 90% and inclusion in the NHS App Library, Untire is already helping many cancer-related fatigue sufferers and it is our intention to extent this support even further. To aid this, Untire is currently working with:

  • 75+ NHS/Macmillan Cancer Support Centres
  • Cancer alliances
  • Charities
  • Living With and Beyond Cancer
  • Universities

We believe no one should suffer with CRF alone and are actively looking for further partners who share our goal of facilitating access to treatment.

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