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TytoCare Telehealth Solution

By Eyal Baum, Tyto Care Added 14th Feb, 2021 Updated 16th Feb, 2021

TytoCare has developed a full telemedicine solution, featuring a kit of connected medical devices that enables a remote GP to perform a compehensive physical exam, just like in the surgery.

By having such a capability, clinicians can not only conduct a secured video call with the patient, using the Tyto Platform, but also perform AI-guided physical exam.

This FDA and CE cleared unique innovation, already in the market for 4 years, bridges the gap between physical and virtual worlds, in order to reach a confident diagnosis, without compormising on the quality of care patients receive remotely. 


The TytoCare telehealth solution includes a platform connecting unlimited number of patients, caregivers or nurses, using the Tyto mobile app, to unlimited number of GPs or clinicians, using the Tyto web clinicain app.

GPs and clinicians can get their exams either online/live as part of a secured video call, or offline/ascynronous where patients conduct their exams while guided by the device and app AI capabilities, which provide live feedback on the quality of the exams collected as well as verifies the recorded exam achieves diagnostic quality exams, allowing remote clinicians to reach a diagnosis using the exams.

All the devices, as well as the platform, are FDA and CE cleared medical devices. The cloud platform is secured and complies with GDPR requirements. 

The product has been in clinical use by hundreds health systems and provideres at the US and around the world during the last 4 years, since the product was lauched to the market in 2017.

The product has been piloted by NHS Bradford Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust in 2019-2020.

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