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TestCard At Home UTI Test and Treat Pathway

By Chris Hewitt, TestCard Added 22nd Jun, 2021 Updated 12th Jul, 2021

TestCard is an at-home testing solution that provides immediate accurate results in the comfort of the users own home. TestCard is a combination of a non-invasive urine test kit embedded into a postcard, with an accompanying mobile application that turns a mobile phone’s camera into a clinical grade scanner which immediately allows the user to either share the results with a GP, online doctor service or from a partner pharmacy through a PGD to deliver treatment for an uncomplicated UTI upon a positive result either the same day or next day. Our Mission is to make healthcare accessible to all. 


TestCard UTI Test kit is CE marked for self testing distribution in the UK and Europe

The Problem with accessing treatment for UTI 

  • 1-3% of primary care appointments are for patients with urinary tract infection symptoms
  • 75% of UTI's in hospital are associated with catheterisation.

Making TestCard UTI widely available to allow patients at home testing, to get fast and accurate results and access treatment either on the same or next day from the comfort of their own home. Would lead to a reduction of calls to 111, out of hours appointments, Primary care appointments and Hospital re-admissions for patients with urinary tract infection symptoms

TestCard UTI - ISO 13485 CE 2797

CE mark was awarded based on;

  1. Scientific Validity (NICE & Who use of a dipstick to determin UTI)
  2. Clinical evidence to support effectiveness Vs the clinical standard test
  3. Usability - Ease of use 

TestCard aim to;

  1. Fast and Accurate - By providing fast and accurate medical results, we can improve speed to treatment
  2. Affordable - Our test kits will be affordable, to make sure everybody can get quicker access to help

TestCard At Home UTI Test and Treat Pathway is directly tracable in supports the delivery of the NHS longterm plan in Chapter 1 and 5

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