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Site Occupancy Management

By Najeeb Rehman, Stanley Security Solutions Added 22nd Jun, 2020 Updated 9th Jul, 2020

Easily and affordably manage your business occupancy levels in real-time.

As businesses adapt to the new normal, STANLEY Security’s Site Occupancy Management allows you to control the number of people allowed in your business at a time to follow new guidelines set by goverments.

Gain peace of mind as you start to operate again while maintaining the safety of the people in your organisation, visitors and customers.



Key Solution Benefits

• Collect real-time occupancy information from your business premises

• Accurate, automated and affordable to comply with government requirements

• Fast and easy installation by our technicians

• Scalable solution for multiple and separate access and exit points

• Enables social distancing

• Perfect for lobbies, doorways and other key access points

• Includes complete solution: Time of Flight camera, hardware, software and displays

• Easily set a customizable count and adjust as needed

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