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Safe Team Guardian

By Phil Blything, Glow New Media Ltd Added 2nd Aug, 2019 Updated 24th Mar, 2021

Problem 1:​ ​NHS Community Teams often have lone worker duties and can be out of contact. Emergency help request procedures can vary and it can be difficult to ensure compliance.

Problem 2: ​Community operations are inefficient at scale. Evidencing patient contact activity, frequency & duration is difficult.


SafeTeam Guardian is an innovative, NHS proven lone worker mobile app with unique management information which helps evidence patient contact in the community, without the need for users to manually input any data.


  • Corporate Liability - lone worker risk
  • Worker location poorly understood
  • On Duty Status difficult to obtain
  • Return to Base Whiteboard
  • Call to ask for the Red Book
  • Office phones are busy, often ring out
  • 999/Red Book needs network coverage
  • Call to base needs password challenge
  • Difficult to demonstrate trust activity such as patient contact
  • Inefficiency at scale


  • Substantially mitigated lone worker risk
  • Live & historic locations transparent
  • On Duty status transparent, en masse
  • Real time location on live screen
  • Unobtrusive, standardised SOS
  • Multiple recipients, multiple channels
  • SOS requires network coverage
  • Hardware SOS works without password
  • Automatically gathers and reports contact frequency, duration, travel etc
  • Improved efficiency creates more time for patients, better outcomes

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