Rorytech- AppApp - booking, interoperability and load balancing in primary care

Posted on 1st August, 2017

We are developing a patient centred app which fronts and informs a powerful platform to increase interoperability and load balancing in the primary care system through better targeting of patient to resource on the CCG level.


From the viewpoint of a patient, we equip them with real-time data about what services are available to them in order to make more informed decisions and more effectively target care. The patient would have the ability to input symptoms and be given advice on where would be the most appropriate place to access care with almost-real time information. This would streamline the system and avoid the dangers of automated diagnostics. The app instead directs them to the most appropriate care service provider who could examine the symptoms further. They would also have the facility to book GP appointments, request repeat prescriptions and view their own medical record as they can on current platforms, with the additional features outlined above.

This functionality creates an accurate picture of avaliability of care on a CCG level helping to load balance services. This also has many positive applications for increasing transfer of care rates between levels in the health system. It would further link with STP aims to improving productivity and tackling variations in clinical practice.From the viewpoint of the healthcare professional (HCP), any symptoms entered before the appointment can be referenced in advance against medical databases, as well as the patient's complete medical history. The integrated record improves information flow and thus the quality of care the HCP can provide in limited time. There also applications for preventative care.

Key Objectives

  1. Interoperability
  2. Patient-centered care
  3. Increasing information flow for GPs and nurses
  4. Load balancing
  5. Targetted care
  6. Optimising the patient path-way
  7. Cost-cutting
  8. Cybersecurity
  9. Appointment booking app
  10. Avaliability mapping
  11. Integrated care record
  12. Real-time data
  13. Access and engagement with health services
  14. Preventative health
  15. Empowering providers
  16. Networked healthcare

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