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Regional Collaborative Acute and Primary Care Banks

By gary ferguson, Patchwork Added 26th Jan, 2021 Updated 29th Jan, 2021

In these challenging times the managemtn of an effective flexible workforce is paramount across Primary and Secondary Care to support large scale vaccination progammes and build resilience into the healthcare system by having the capbility to offer flexible staffing across all aspects of the NHS. Patchwork have developed both Primary and Secondary care collaboratve banks , capable of managing multiple staff groups, offering shifts via an easy to use App, driving adoption and ensuring increased patient saftey. Underpinned with leading edge anayltics our solution is deployed across the NHS in Acute and Primary Care settings


Since the Coronavirus outbreak, designated practices within Primary Care Networks (PCNs) have been dividing themselves into “hot clinics” (treating patients with symptoms of COVID-19), and “cold clinics” (treating asymptomatic patients), to ensure the continued provision of care whilst limiting both exposure to and the spread of the virus. South Liverpool NHS Treatment Centre has recently opened its ‘hot clinic’, staffed by primary care workers across a range of 24 practices within the regional Primary Care Networks. With shifts and schedules previously managed by the networks using laborious and time-consuming Excel spreadsheets, Patchwork Health has granted the PCNs full access to its digital staffing solution for the duration of the pandemic. With Patchwork Health’s user-friendly technology, GPs are now offered the ability and flexibility to self-book onto vacant shifts, as well as ensure increased fill rates for safe staffing levels, reduced admin burden and greater visibility of workforce data for managers. “I have been a Clinical Lead for Digital Transformation for more than 10 years - dealing with start-ups and SMEs through to Emis and Apple. I have never experienced such customer-focussed efficient service - especially for a product with such fab user experience. This will absolutely support our recruitment of clinicians - now during the pandemic, and in the future.” - Dr Simon Bowers, General Practitioner, Fulwood Green Medical Centre. The solution saves time and effort for the practises which can be used to treating patients and keeping the community as healthy and resilient as possible. 

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Video of the work carried out with St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust Collaborative Bank

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