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PCL Connect

By Deepti Atrish, PCL Health Added 27th Jul, 2021 Updated 10th Aug, 2021

PCL Connect is an elderly-customised ecosystem of devices and applications to connect our seniors with carers, doctors and family members seamlessly using higher-end technology. Our easy-to-use tablet provides elderly patients with an opportunity to instantly make calls and share images with their relatives, carers or doctors. Our wearable sensors collect vital measurements and share them with all authorised parties to spot trends of health deterioration and provide preventive measures before they get severe. Our technology saves time, money and lives.


By creating a truly connected ecosystem, we brought care closer to those in need. We have spent years on building something that helps all parties involved in delivering care. It brings peace of mind to know that someone is monitoring your health remotely and keeping an eye on early signs of deterioration.

Secure - we are GDPR and HIPAA compliant and store data on our secure cloud servers only accessible from within the United Kingdom. 

Interoperable - we worked hard to format our data in an NHS-friendly way while maintaining international standards for interoperability with other healthcare systems.

Scalable - strong technology architecture and stack allows us to quickly scale up from just a few hundred of users to tens tens of thousands on-demand

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