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Patients Know Best

PKB through it's patient-controlled health record solves the following key problems:

Fragmented information. PKB provides a platform where the patients data can be stored in a secure encrypted location which patients are able to share with a clinician, carer, family members and friends, determining which aspects of the record they would like them to have visibility on.

Reducing demand on services. Patients have an increased understanding of their condition to ensure that they know what needs to happen in certain scenarios to manage their own health.

Patient control. The patient is in full control of their record.


Patients Know Best (PKB) is the UK’s leading patient portal, and the only real digital platform that allows both patients and healthcare professionals to access healthcare records anytime, anywhere. 

The platform connects health and social care data about patients from multiple providers to create a single, unified copy of the information. 

This allows patients to access things like their appointment letters, test results, care plans and tailored resources created by their healthcare teams to enable self-management. Patients can also upload data and vitals information in real-time from wearable devices and share this with nominated people involved in their care (including family members/carers, specialist care teams and community providers) to enable monitoring away from hospital settings. Secure messaging opens the lines of communication for remote consultations, supporting early intervention and prevention. And, as the portal is patient-controlled using an award-winning granular consent model, this information is available to all healthcare professionals wherever the patient goes - no matter when, or where they are cared for.

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