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The Patient Transfer Scale

By Gillian Taylor, Marsden Weighing Machine Group Ltd Added 23rd May, 2019 Updated 14th Mar, 2022

The Patient Transfer Scale is a Queens Award Winning, revolutionary way to weigh time critical or immobile patients in seconds. It is a transfer slide with in-built weighing scale, and means patients can be weighed during lateral transfer from trolley to bed, or bed to bed.

The Patient Transfer Scale helps you to reduce door to needle times and meet targets, and medication or treatment can be administered faster and with confidence by healthcare professionals. It also means less stress for staff, less stress for the patient, and the patient can be weighed with dignity.


Former NHS Emergency Department nurse Gillian Taylor had first-hand experience of struggling to weigh immobile patients, and was determined to find a solution. The result is the Patient Transfer Scale.

This revolutionary weighing scale can be used in Emergency Departments, ICUs, Cardiac, Stroke, Spinal, Renal, X-ray and care homes. In fact, anywhere an immobile patient needs to be weighed.

The Patient Transfer Scale is a transfer board (transfer slide) with an integrated weighing scale. This means weighing a patient is no longer time you need to account for, because it is now part of an already existing process of lateral transfer from trolley to bed, or bed to bed. Simply place the Patient Transfer Scale between the trolley and the bed, and slide the patient over to get a weight reading.

In many cases weighing immobile patients can be excessively time consuming, or not possible at all. As a result the weight reading may be estimated, or not recorded. Until now. The Patient Transfer Scale allows you to accurately weigh an immobile patient, in a fraction of the time it takes to use a hoist or bed scale. It's Class III and MDD Approved, making it legal for weighing prior to medication or treatment.

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