Patient Pathway Plus - Elective Care Pathway & RTT Management

Posted on 22nd February, 2019

Patient Pathway Plus is a digital hub for the complete management of all your elective care pathways. It provided unparalleled levels of accuracy of your RTT that is easy to work with, removing huge inefficiencies associated with less able systems. With a solid technology foundation to work from, processes and SOP’s can be refined and improved to manage your patients more effectively and with total confidence


80% of a hospitals activity is generated by patients on an elective care pathway. It is essential to be able to manage the schedules of patients coming into the hospital and to plan and manage the resources necessary to treat them effectively. To do so requires good systems and good processes.

Patient Pathway Plus is a highly configurable application used to manage elective care pathways.

Joins up all pathway activity across the trust through one centralised digital hub

Provides an audit trail of all pathway activity, giving you a single source of validation and single source of the truth

Eliminates duplication of effort and increases productivity

Highlights potential errors and enables them to be proactively addressed before they have impact on quality of a patient’s pathway

Ensures no patient goes missing or falls through the net - Never lose a patient

Identifies pathways to support prioritisation of patients and patient cohorts

Identifies root causes of where and when errors were made

Ensures trusts have the right information to enable them to manage capacity, planning and forecasting

Enables trusts to make accurate, timely, auditable mandatory submissions

Generated National Statutory RTT return

PP+ provides a clean and certified data source, irrespective of the original source systems. Combined with functionality such as data lineage and a fully documented data dictionary means that all you have a fully managed elective care management solution to meet all your requirements.

Key Objectives

  1. Clinical safeguarding - Never lose a patient
  2. Improved demand management
  3. Support PAS/EPR Migrations
  4. Provide accurate and transparent RTT reporting submissions
  5. Support dispute resolution - 2-click dispute resolution capability
  6. Support regional and national capacity & demand management
  7. Transfer from retrospective reporting to proactive management of patients
  8. Release administrative capacity
  9. Reduce cost - software as a service
  10. Improve workforce morale and productivity
  11. Provide board assurance of evidence of position
  12. Support sharing and collaboration - Join a vibrant collaborative user community - Sharing content and best practice
  13. Support ALL PAS & EPR systems
  14. Deliver cost neutrality


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