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Pathpoint SurgiCare - Digital Elective Surgical Care Pathways

By Zar Salih, Open Medical Ltd Added 17th Jun, 2021 Updated 22nd Jun, 2021

Pathpoint SurgiCare is an interoperable cloud-based platform serving the full perioperative care pathway to tackle any waiting list backlog. Linking multidisciplinary caregivers, it is a central digital hub for remote pre-assessment and postoperative monitoring. Custom-designed workflows deliver all the assessment tools of the required surgical referral standards, as well as clinical triage, admission management, patient-reported and functional outcome measures, relevant national audit submission, clinical governance, and live data reporting.


With 5-6 million elective operations per year across 200 NHS Trusts, and a growing backlog of routine surgery, an interoperable digital platform delivered via straightforward cloud deployment represents an effective solution. Prompt surgery has a significant impact on overall disease recovery. Reducing non-essential hospital attendances (estimated £150/visit) in the peri-operative period, optimising theatre capacity and preventing late cancellations (estimated saving £2000-3000/cancellation), as well as reducing administration costs (approx. £2.50/letter), at a representative trust undergoing 10,000 surgical procedures per annum cost savings of several million pounds are achievable.

Following Innovate UK funding in 2020’s Sustainable Innovation Fund for a successful pilot at West Hertfordshire Hospital NHS Trust, user engagement via focus groups and surveys forms the first step in our ongoing evaluation of the service. Built for scalability, the cloud deployment is part of our Pathpoint suite of care pathway management and clinical workflow solutions. In total this processes approximately 50,000 patient pathways per month alongside our Pathpoint eTrauma and eDerma products at 25 UK NHS Trusts. In-person and online training at launch, supported by a telephone helpdesk enables successful implementation- verified by testimonials.

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