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Oviva Diabetes Structured Education

By Emily Binning, Oviva Added 26th Feb, 2018 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

Oviva Diabetes Support is a QISMET-accredited, evidence-based structured education and behavioural change intervention for people with type 2 diabetes, currently available in 18 CCGs.

Real-world data shows that Oviva Diabetes Support can improve both uptake of structured education and clinical outcomes. In turn, this reduces the risk of long-term diabetes complications and pressure on NHS services.

A fully remote service, Oviva Diabetes Support provides participants with 1-to-1 remote care from a diabetes specialist dietitian over 12 weeks, supported by engaging self-study materials (available both digitally and in hard copy), and the Oviva app for self-monitoring and communication with the dietitian.


Treating complications of diabetes is a costly and growing challenge for the NHS. Although NICE recommends that everyone with type 2 diabetes should receive structured diabetes education to help them manage their condition and reduce risk of complications, the National Diabetes Audit shows that attendance at existing programmes is poor and evidence of impact on clinical outcomes is limited.

Designed to overcome the barriers to accessing care and tracking outcomes associated with traditional models of care, Oviva Diabetes Support is fully remote and flexible to individual needs. Our programme has uptake rates of 75%, and participants achieve average reduction of long-term blood glucose level (HbA1c) of over 11mmol/mol. Studies indicate that this level of HbA1c reduction is required to significantly reduce the risk of future complications.

Building on evidence that demonstrates the importance of high-frequency support in changing behaviours, patients referred to Oviva Diabetes Support receive:

  • Weekly 1-to-1 remote coaching from a diabetes specialist dietitian over 12 weeks
  • Access to engaging, self-study materials, including videos and podcasts (with hard copies sent to the patient’s home if they do not have access to online resources)
  • Optional use of the Oviva app to maintain a photo food diary, track progress against goals and communicate with the dietitian

Oviva Diabetes Support has been selected by NHS England as one of 11 innovations to join the NHS Innovation Accelerator 2018, and the Diabetes Digital Coach Test Bed.

Oviva would welcome the opportunity to support you in improving diabetes outcomes in your area.

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