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Orbeye 4K & 3D, Game Changing Microscopic Surgery

By Graham Popham, Olympus KeyMed Added 21st Jan, 2019 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

ORBEYE is an advanced orbital camera and processor consolidated into a low profile console. It allows 55" big screen 4K & 3D surgery with four times the resolution of HD imaging helps to see the detail, and 3D provides natural depth of field while remaining in a natural ergonomic operating position.

Unlike microscopes there is no image latency. Super-fast image processing achieves real-time visualisation, zero delay between surgeon’s movements and the monitor image.The freedom from an ocular lens and heads-up surgery brings ergonomic benefits with it as well. ORBEYEs unique design may relieve stress on surgeon’s head and neck during surgery.


Optical & digital zoom allows for quick magnification change from X1 to X26, Which provides the capability to recognise details of the brain parenchimal surface and direction of the nerve fibres.

Instant change between high and low magnification is useful for anastomosis of vessels and visualisation of the anatomy.

The ORBEYE imaging system is invaluable for lab training and education because every participant can see the same high-quality 4K-3D at the same time.

All surgical procedures can be saved using the 4K-3D recorder, allowing residents to review the surgical procedure at anytime.

Freedom from Ocular Lenses - Untether yourself from the constraints of traditional ocular-lens-based microscopes and experience a more ergonomic and comfortable heads-up posture.

Greater Positioning Flexibility for Various Approaches - Observe the surgical field from various angles that could not be achieved with a traditional microscope. ORBEYE’s small and flexible optical unit can facilitate multiple surgical positions without compromising the posture of the surgeon or creating positional discomfort.

Operative Efficiency - Enables you to work side by side with your assistant in the same orientation. Optimises multiple surgeon workflows. Ensures an immersive experience for the entire surgical team due to its big screen 4K 3D imaging, which facilitates teamwork, surgical training and additional consultative input if needed. May contribute to greater surgical-step anticipation and preparedness by including staff in magnified 3D visualisation.

Educational Advantages - The ORBEYE imaging system is a valuable tool for surgeon training and education. All participants, both residents and senior surgeons, can see the same high-quality 4K 3D immersive images of the surgical field at the same time. All surgical procedures can be saved using the 4K 3D recorder, allowing residents to study the surgical procedure if they want. Surgical procedures can be explained by senior or main surgeons on the large monitor.

Easy Draping - ORBEYE eliminates the need for pre-procedure balancing or centre of gravity adjustment. Its compact optical head and arm design facilitates simple, quick one-person sterile draping.

Applicable for Various Specialties - Because it can be used for multiple specialties, ORBEYE may increase cost-effectiveness, utilisation and return on investment.

Plug and Play - ORBEYE can be set up and ready to use in your case in a matter of minutes and can easily be transported between operating rooms due to it being lightweight and compact, greatly reducing any obstruction of the surgical site.

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