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Novaerus NanoStrike™ Air Disinfection Technology: Manufactured by Novaerus in Ireland and distributed in the UK by H&R Healthcare Ltd. A Mediq Company

By Neil Imrie, H&R Healthcare Ltd Added 1st Nov, 2021 Updated 4th Nov, 2021

The problem Novaerus technology addresses are healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs).

NanoStrike™ is patented nanotechnology that has been proven to kill all airborne microorganisms on contact. The portable air disinfection device has been shown effective at reducing MS2 Bacteriophage, a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), by 99.99% in 15 minutes.

Novaerus disinfects the air with medical-grade, patented NanoStrike™ technology that destroys airborne pathogens on contact.  No harmful by-products are produced providing a 24/7 solution to air contamination.


How does NanoStrike™ technology work?

  • Contaminated indoor air is pulled into the unit by an internal dual speed fan.
  • All airborne microorganisms are rapidly and safely irreversibly inactivated at the DNA/RNA level by an ultra-low energy patented cold-plasma field emitted by two internal plasma coils
  • Healthy, contaminate-free air is returned to the room

NanoStrike™ coils provide a powerful strike that works to burst airborne pathogen cells, rapidly inactivating them, ensuring they are no longer a threat of infection.

NanoStrike™ is the only technology that uses a range of concurrent processes to destroy airborne pathogens. These concurrent processes attack the cell membrane, DNA and protein, causing osmotic pressure, which can quickly burst a cell. Once the cell bursts, there is no way for it to self-heal, ensuring it does not become viable as an infectious agent once again. These concurrent processes occur in the sub-second time frame and work in unison to destroy the DNA and protein of a pathogen, stopping viruses from spreading and bacterial and fungal spores from reproducing.

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