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Nori Health, chatbot coach for IBD/IBS

By Roeland Pater, Nori Health Added 18th Oct, 2019 Updated 15th Nov, 2019
  • The majority of IBD/IBS patients need additional support and care between doctor visits
  • Chatbot (computer-driven) coach for IBD (Crohn's, colitis) and IBS patients
  • Focus on quality of life optimisation through practical (diet, hydration etc.) and holistic topics
  • Powered by 100+ scientific research papers
  • Focused on personal guidance based on patient profile
  • IBD control PROMs integrated for outcome measurement
  • Tested with Crohn's & Colitis Foundation with clear outcomes:
  • Increased belief in treatment avoids unnecessary appointments based on uncertainty and fear


What it is: Nori is a chatbot, or digital coach, for patients with IBD or chronic IBS.

What it does: Through personal conversations about lifestyle factors, patients improve daily management of the condition by 28%, while almost half of users have a restored belief in current treatment. (More:

What it means: You can provide under-supported patients with extended treatment, helping them live healthier lives while reducing pressures on healthcare services.

Content and safety: Driven by insights from 100+ scientific research papers that study the impact of a specific tool (such as a diet ingredient or stress relief solution). The content is delivered through an encrypted web platform where patients have text-based conversations with Nori. All conversations are anonymised. In partnership with hospitals and pharma companies, several risk assessments have already been completed.

Impact and cost: This particular group of patients feels under-supported and is known to have issues with uncertainty and anxiety. By improving awareness, knowledge and lifestyle behavior, the causes of unnecessary appointments are addressed. This results in a 10 per cent workload reduction (as seen in pilots) while providing additional care for these patients.

Implementation: The intervention is a six-week programme in which patients receive unlimited access for conversations. Implementation is easy as it's an external platform. Patients receive a unique code which can be monitored for usage and outcome-sharing.

Contact founder Roeland Pater directly to schedule an introduction:

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