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Non-surgical treatment option for subacromial shoulder pain

By Douglas Higgins, Mujo mechanics ltd Added 4th Apr, 2018 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

MUJO is a new 'connected care' technology developed in the UK with funding from Innovate UK 'Digital Health in a Connected Hospital' funding call and successfully adopted in the NHS.

Patients perform physiotherapist-prescribed exercises on 'smart' exercise devices that provide movement feedback and guidance in real-time via integrated sensors and ipads. The system tracks patient adherence and delivers focused rehabilitation while encouraging patient self-management.



Shoulder pain, specifically subacromial pain is problematic to patients and the NHS due to a general lack of effectiveness of existing treatment options.

As a result over 20,000 NHS patients undergo surgery each year (typically after basic physiotherapy and joint injections have proven temporary / ineffective) at a cost of close to £100M pa. Recent results from the CSAW study have now called into question the effectiveness of decompression surgeries for relieving subacromial shoulder pain. New treatment options must now be explored.


MUJO's connected shoulder devices have been independently evaluated and adopted at a leading national tertiary treatment centre (Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust) and a community integrated MSK service (Bedford CCG).


The system was found to be acceptable by all patients and clinicians in a 9 month usability study during 2016 at RNOH, Stanmore (presented RehabWeek, SECEC-ESSE and Physiotherapy UK '17). The system demonstrated an 80% surgical avoidance rate and 32% improvement in EQ5D scores in a 6 month commercial evaluation in the Bedford CCG MSK Service.


Safe and effective non-surgical treatment option for subacromial shoulder pain. The system can reduce amount of face-to-face time required over the treatment pathway.


The system is installed within an outpatient rehabilitation gym, and utilises around the same area as a standard treadmill. Supporting software runs on any computer running Google Chrome browser.


Technical support provided 24/7 by email/phone and on-site.

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