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By Marcus Ineson, NGPOD Global Ltd Added 20th Jan, 2022 Updated 31st Jan, 2022

After 17 years of clinicians trying to reduce serious clinical incidents related to nasogastric tubes, nothing has changed...until now!

The use of a misplaced nasogastric tube has been classified as a Never Event by NHS England since 2009 and between then and March 2021 there have been 286 NGT related Never Events reported. In '20-'21 and '21-'22 the frequency of these Never Events is increasing. 

The current methods used to confirm the NGT position are well recognised as being severely flawed.  NGPOD overcomes the limitations of existing methds


NGPOD is a novel method of determining the position of NGTs using pH measurement which is an approved method in NHS guidance.

NGPOD tests the pH of the environment at the tip of the nasogastric tube and gives a Yes (Green Light) No (Red Light) result to indicate whether the NGT is in the correct place.


  • Reliable; 96% test success rate vs 55% with traditional aspirate testing
  • Fast; average 22 seconds to green test result
  • Reduces Human Factor Risks
  • Removes uncertainty and anxiety associated with the interpretation of pH results
  • Reduces the need for x-rays
  • Reduces delays to treatment
  • Reduces the costs of NGT placement confirmation to the health system

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