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By Izzie Wilson, ADI Health Added 17th May, 2021 Updated 4th Jun, 2021

ADI are one of the UK’s leading digital health platform providers. We work with health and care organisations to ensure patients, and everyone involved in their care, have access to the right digital tools. We create and deploy digital applications designed to allow straightforward access to NHS Services.

Working in collaboration with our customers, we utilise technology to deliver better health, better care and better outcomes.


MyPathway is a secure, digital communications channel connecting patients to clinicians, empowering and engaging patients in their own healthcare journey.

MyPathway enables a new, more personalised digital interaction between patient and clinician, increasing access to health and care services and providing greater insight at individual and population level.

By creating digital pathways for essential health and care services, MyPathway is a platform for NHS organisations to redefine their patient engagement approach, improve the patient experience and deliver better clinical outcomes.

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