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Medic Spot

By Sharon Donald, Arc Health Added 14th Jun, 2021 Updated 20th Jul, 2021

Medicspot is building the largest remote examination and consultation network. Medicspot PODs allow a doctor to remotely examine a patient using the diagnostic tools and offer a safe and effective consultation. Medicspot has more than 250 live stations at various locations in the community, including pharmacies and NHS centres.

Medicspot can help optimise cost by using a clinician’s time most efficiently and reduce the time for consultation by automating vitals collection.


Medicspot can optimise the clinician's time and create capacity by automating diagnostics and population health.

MedicSpot have recorded more than 10,000 consultations across the UK and we have observed a high rate of consult and complete - up to 95%. Based on a GP audit, MedicSpot doctors can manage 75% more conditions when compared with a video only consultation platform.


We have partnered with more than 230 pharmacies in the UK across 50+ cities to offer on-demand healthcare services. Patients rate the convenience of our service highly – we are rated 8.5 on trustpilot

Excellent service – saved me hours waiting in the urgent care centre as my GP was closed.

- Michelle


Medicspot is differentiated from other video-only mobile health platforms because of the diagnostic equipment as part of the station. Using the equipment, a healthcare professional is able to provide a safe and accurate diagnosis.

MedicSpot has been given top marks by the CQC - placing it amongst the top 4% of digital healthcare companies and rated safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

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