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Malinko - intelligent e-scheduling for community healthcare

By Catherine Ferguson, Malinko Added 8th Mar, 2021 Updated 22nd Mar, 2021

Built with and for clinicians, Malinko is the world’s first clinical e-scheduling system for the delivery of clinical services in the community.  Designed to complement EPR systems, Malinko is already helping 15 NHS organisations and local authorities to improve scheduling and management of their distributed workforce (capacity) and patient needs (demand) in a community setting - improving productivity, service delivery, staff safety and patient outcomes whilst reducing clinical risk and the cost of delivering community services.


How Malinko works

  1. Malinko Web – the web application is used by the office to schedule and manage the service using live real-time views and data. The system provides transparency, visibility and reporting, allowing management teams to easily schedule unplanned visits. Many NHS Partners use big screens in the office to monitor service delivery.
  2. Unique clinical scheduling engine – the engine intelligently and safely assigns caseloads to clinicians and schedules patient care and appointments in an optimal way. This enables healthcare organisations to improve clinical care in a community setting by ensuring their patients are seen by the right clinician with the right skills at the right time.
  3. Malinko mobile app – Used by front line clinicians. The mobile app includes contemporaneous data capture of care contact time (visit durations) and lone worker protection features. Clinicians feel safer using Malinko. This valuable empirical data is critical for effective caseload management and service and workforce planning

Malinko frees up time to care, reduces clinical risk and improves productivity by up to 30%.

Compliant with NHS software Clinical Safety regulations: DCB 0129.

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