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Li-LAC Breast Milk Labelling and Tracking System

By Stephen Edge, Savant Limited Added 19th Aug, 2019 Updated 13th Nov, 2019

Savant’s Li-LAC™ human milk bank suite manages all aspects of human breast milk donation, labelling, testing, production, distribution and tracking.

Li-LAC comprises of two applications:

Li-LAC MB - Milk Bank

Li-LAC MC –Milk Checking

The two applications link to build a full donor to recipient audit trail for donor and maternal breast milk.


Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank) - Features

  • Specifically designed for managing human milk bank donations
  • Full traceability, with a comprehensive audit trail of all modifications
  • Enforces standardised labelling of products, integrated into production process
  • Work flow management allows multiple processing workflows to be defined and managed for different milk products
  • Consistent and rigorous testing regime with testing profiles for donors and products defined at site level
  • Control of milk products to ensure only authorised products are released
  • Removes the risk of contaminated products being released
  • Immediate visibility of milk stocks and their process state
  • Ability to process ad-hoc and standing orders
  • Facility to manage milk in batches
  • Adheres to NICE Guidelines and compliant to ISBT 128 barcodes.

Li-LAC MC is designed to be used in a maternity or neonatal unit to both check that maternal milk expressed in the unit is only given to her baby and also to build the link between donor milk supplied to the neonatal unit and which baby it was fed to.  The system is an app running on a handheld device which produces barcode labels for mother’s own milk and also is used to check (by scanning the baby wrist band and product barcodes), that the correct milk is fed.

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