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LactApp: The breastfeeding expert in your pocket

By Enric Pallares, LactApp Women Health SL Added 27th Feb, 2020 Updated 28th Apr, 2020

There is a huge scalable demand from new millennial mothers seeking immediate and personalized assessment regarding their maternity experience.

Scientific evidence shows just how critical breastfeeding is to human health and development. Low rates of global breastfeeding impact public health as well as economies. Global economic losses are estimated at $300 billion per year. LactApp provides expert advice through an app using artificial intelligence (AI) in novel use cases like breastfeeding and other women’s health issues.


LactApp is the breastfeeding expert to consult, track and connect for new mums. It has become the number one resource for consulting on maternity-related issues, and is deeply personalised.

It holds an automated system of tailored responses, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, inside an app. It also features a live chat that is used to train an AI model based on case-based reasoning technologies and machine learning. 

LactApp’s competitive advantage relies on the largest, most varied and curated real-world data from its highly engaged users that consult over 70.000 weekly consultations  through the App. The founding team uses its unique expertise to deliver supervised learning and a validated process to train its AI.

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