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KRTS Power to Recover

By liz royle, KRTS International Limited Added 7th Aug, 2019 Updated 27th Aug, 2019

Digital Health for Psychological Trauma: Effective, proven treatment for people who have experienced trauma

KRTS Power to Recover® is an online programme with specially designed trauma-focused modules. It: 

  • Delivers trauma psycho-education
  • Normalises and teaches strategies
  • Offers structured online activities to encourage and empower patients to play a more active role in their own recovery

All this is in the safe hands of a trained clinical coach who provides telephone support, motivation, containment and ensures engagement.

It can be used as an early intervention or as a blended care option for patients to support trauma-focused intervention.


Independent research and practice has shown that KRTS Power to Recover®

  • Decreases trauma symptoms - 84% of users experienced over 75% reduction in symptoms
  • Reduces waiting lists
  • Reduces time in treatment
  • Reduces missed appointment and early drop-out
  • Improves uptake and engagement with trauma-focused therapies
  • Demonstrates 74% recovery rate

The patient receives the equivalent of 12 hours of specialist and trauma-focused support in the space of 1-3 clinical sessions.

Feedback from NHS IAPT service: “From a patient’s perspective, providing a clear credible rationale for the symptoms they are experiencing… is essential in improving uptake and engagement with trauma-focused therapies”

Patient feedback: "Life-changing" … "A great tool for the road to recovery – a great bit of kit" … "very effective and gives a positive outlook for the user" … "I felt supported and encouraged to help myself and understand my issues"

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