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INR Self-Testing Service

By Kathryn Common, Health Call Solutions Added 1st Nov, 2021 Updated 15th Nov, 2021

Patients on the international normalised ratio (INR) self-testing pathway are trained so they can administer their own test and securely share their results back to their healthcare team.

The patient receives a text message reminder for them to submit their readings.

Their device provides the reading for the patient to submit to their clinical team. Their nursing team reviews the reading and provides a message back, through the patient’s preferred method of communication about their dosage.

Healthcare practitioners can contact the patient directly to speak to them about any irregular readings or adverse responses.


Patients who have their INR levels monitored typically need to regularly present at hospital or their care provider. Patients who are prescribed warfarin need to have their INR measured regularly. INR tells you long it takes your blood to clot. The longer it takes your blood to clot, the higher your INR.

The INR result is used to determine the dose of warfarin patients need to take. Patients who take warfarin typically need to regularly present at hospital or their care provider to have their INR taken.

The solution allows the patients to remotely submit their readings. Their healthcare team assesses the readings and submits a notification back to the patient with instructions on their next dosage schedule.

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