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Hospital Portering Task Management Solution - Myporter

By Mark Smith, GlobalView Systems Ltd Added 2nd Dec, 2020 Updated 19th Jan, 2021

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Hospital's existing task tracking system for its Portering Department had begun to experience failures, and as an older system it no longer received full technical support. Jobs were mostly created by wards and departments and sent to porter pagers.  There was no real time visibility on the location of porters, or activity and could start impacting on patient experience.  Many wards were finding it impossible to use the system; reverting to manual management which resulted in delays to patient and item movements and its reporting system was difficult to use.


Portering provides a vital function within hospitals and effeicient Portering underpins patient experience and flow- without which clinical and non-clinical service cannot operate effectively. MyPorter was developed by porter managers, for portering, with GlobalView Systems Ltd, gaining insight from more than 100 NHS Trusts before developing the ever evolving unique task management solution complete with simple data insight and trend analysis reporting, built bespoke to hospital needs.  For Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, the MyPorter software provides dashboards at ward level.  And where the wards request a porter, the porter supervisor can allocate tasks to porters. Each porter uses a robust Motorola radio, which receives text messages with details of their tasks.  A number of measured quality and quantity markers are being captred to measure impact is ongoing.  However based on NHS Innovation & Improvements, FTN Benchmarking, Charted Institute of Public Finance & Accounting statistics, 1 in 4 Portering tasks in delayed due to patient not ready, patient eating, with doctor etc.  And 1 in 10 are mistaken task for instance non turning up with right equipment ie Wheel chair, oxygen etc.  Taken in isolation these task can be lost in the system but on average a hospital portering department will complete 10,000 tasks a month the time not delivering patient tasks is significant.



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