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By Ken Garner, Grasp Health UK Ltd. Added 25th Jun, 2020 Updated 10th Jul, 2020

Mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders or panic attacks can now be self-recorded at the time of the event, in the context and sequence in which they occur in a non-verbal way using our new Grasp device.

Grasp is the size of a small pebble, is soft and easily compressible, contains miniaturized sensors, time-recording circuits, secure memory, long-life rechargeable batteries and is low-power Bluetooth-enabled.

Alerts can also automatically generate an intervention to provide context to the event. 

Event data is presented as a series of graphs which can show either a single event or trends over time.


When squeezed, Grasp records, with a date and time stamp, the strength, frequency, and duration of the squeeze, enabling the user or their carer to easily and instantly record all emotional or physical pain or anxiety events. 

Triggers and alerts can be configured to suit individual users and can be relayed to the user, their carer and/or a remote clinical team. 

The raw data can be exported in any industry standard format enabling health care providers to rapidly and easily scale operations to deal with any COVID-19 related service pressures and provide a near real-time population level overview of the effect of policy changes or new interventions.