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Florence - Simple Telehealth

By Philip O'Connell, Simple Shared Healthcare Added 2nd Oct, 2019 Updated 3rd Jun, 2020

Flo is a sophisticated technology platform used to deliver personalised, targeted behavioural psychology-based messaging, interacting with patients as the friendly, non-judgemental  persona 'Florence' through SMS texts.

Florence simply improves patients' motivation, engagement and adherence to best practice healthcare which delivers better and faster clinical outcomes with increased convienience for patients.

The Simple Telehealth methodology has challenged clinical thinking about the role and effectiveness of messaging in healthcare, and has a substantial clinical evidence base covering wide-ranging conditions.


Underpinning Flo is an active community of practice in which members of the clinical community freely contribute to the Simple Telehealth knowledge base to create and develop best practice and to share learning.

The Simple Telehealth methodology is based on simple interactive behaviour change principles, designed to deliver a pragmatic and low-cost approach for the NHS. 

The intelligent mixture of the almost invisible technical platform and subtle methods and psychology that prompt responses from patients akin to engagement with their own clinician results in high satisfaction and efficacy. 

The methodology balances the needs of the clinical community with the everyday needs of patients and their aspiration to carry on life as normally as possible despite having a condition that needs regular and consistent management.  

Florence allows clinicians to design specific protocols for large cohorts or an individual patient, where a patient’s health will benefit with improved health literacy or improved adherence to a shared clinical management plan. 

Once enrolled, interactions can be personalised to suit the complex needs of an individual patient or left to follow templated best practice guidance, such as for diagnosis of hypertension. 

Almost 10 years on from it’s conception, Florence continues to stand out by consistently producing independently evaluated positive results across a wide range of clinical applications irrespective of patients’ age, ethnicity or socio-economic background.

Links to short videos about Nellie (Flo’s Austrailian cousin) and Flo herself from the Health Foundation:


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