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Elevated Body Temperature Detection

By Najeeb Rehman, Stanley Security Solutions Added 6th May, 2020 Updated 29th May, 2020

Elevated Body Temperature Detection (EBT) Thermographic CCTV has the potential to identify subjects displaying elevated body temperature, allowing non-contact and discrete monitoring of persons entering or moving around facilities, enabling individuals displaying EBT to be chosen for further medical screening. A useful tool to aid the reduction in the spread of viruses and infections.


The outbreak of COVID-19 has presented a massive challenge for governments, authorities and the NHS. The use of modern stationary thermal imaging or thermal cameras is one of the innovations that has the potential to protect key workers and manage the spread of infection. Thermal imaging technology is a non-contact imaging process that makes the infrared radiation of an object visible to the human eye. Our thermal cameras can visualize even minimal temperature differences as low as 0.1 °C. We can offer a self-contained rapid deployment EBTD system which can be operational within 30 minutes, providing accurate internal body temperature measurement. Abnormal body temperatures are monitored through video analytics software which helps identify potential cases of COVID-19.

Stanley provide tailor-made high quality security solutions and already supply the NHS with state-of-the-art communications solutions and CCTV systems. Our temperature monitoring cameras are currently being used by some of the UK's major airports to conduct temperature checks on passengers.



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