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Doc Abode

By Yorkshire & Humber AHSN, Yorkshire and Humber AHSN Added 16th Oct, 2019 Updated 16th Jul, 2021

Doc Abode is a multi-award-winning platform, enabling healthcare providers to match the availability, expertise and location of clinicians to the needs of NHS patients who require a home visit.


Doc Abode, developed by GP entrepreneur Dr Taz Aldawoud, aims to deliver better care and an improved patient experience by opening access to a wider, more sustainable and flexible workforce; providing clinicians with an alternative to shift-based work. DocAbode has cross-organisational applicability throughout out-of-hours and in-hours settings and is delivering a proactive response to the workforce and operational efficiency issues within the sector.

In 2016 Yorkshire & Humber AHSN supported the development of Doc Abode though its Proof of Concept programme.  The AHSN has supported further development through pathway modelling, trials and a successful application to SBRI Healthcare’s ‘GP of the Future’ call.  This included intensive one-to-one support as part of the OLS funded Innovation Exchange programme to help prepare the product for market, advice on routes to market, business planning, investment and real-world evidence generation. 

In 2017, an independent, academic evaluation measured outcomes achieved through utilising the Doc Abode platform. Its performance was compared against a control group and shown to improve National Quality Requirement (NQR) performance by between 10 and 20 per cent in absolute terms.

This year, Doc Abode won a Health Service Journal Partnership Award (Workforce Innovation Category) and a special recognition award in the Digital Enterprise Top 100.

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